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Located in Newark, Zaikka is a fast casual Indian Grill.

At Zaikka we are bringing fresh, healthy, authentic flavors of Indian and Mediterranean cuisine. You choose what you want in your bowl. We strive to use only fresh ingredients in our cooking. Our menu is simple yet very flavorful. 

We are really passionate about our food and believe we are bringing something new and exciting and would like to personally invite everyone to give us a try.




Food Truck and Catering

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Sides and More

Most Chaats have cilantro peanut chutney, tamarind chutney, cilantro.
Please inform us of your allergens. 


Mango Lassi

Indian Tea

Indian Coffee

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Indian Drink

Moroccan Tea

Gulab Jamun




Fresh Indian Flavors

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*Menu will vary per day and per location of the food truck. 


Chicken Tikka Masala Rice Bowl

Chicken in a butter-cream tangy mild sauce over basmati rice

 Spicy Chicken Curry Rice Bowl

Chicken in a traditional spicy curry sauce over basmati rice

Chicken Biryani Bowl

Spicy Seasoned Chicken cooked with basmati rice served with raita (yogurt cucumber sauce)

Channa Masala Rice Bowl

Chick-peas in a lentil based sauce over basmati rice

Paneer Butter Masala Rice Bowl

Indian Cheese (Paneer) in a tomato based buttery sauce over basmati rice.

Butter Makhani Burrito Chicken/Paneer

Seasoned Chicken or Paneer wrapped in a flour tortilla with romaine lettuce, basmati rice, pickled onions and creamy butter sauce.

 Falafel Wrap/Salad

Falafels wrapped in a warm pita with romaine lettuce, tzatziki (white garlic sauce) cucumber-tomato salad, pickled turnips. Ask for hot sauce to add a kick!

 Masala Fries

Our take on fries with our blend of spice mix and special curry sauce.

 Samosa Chaat | Aloo Tikki Chaat

Crispy samosas/aloo tikki (potatoes paneer cutlet) with Channa masala (chick-peas curry), pickled onions and chutney’s. All-time favorite Indian street food!

Samosa Plate

Crispy two samosas with chutney


Stone baked Indian flat bread

Mango Lassi

Refreshing Mango yogurt smoothie with cardamom


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