Fresh Indian Flavors

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*Menu will vary per day and per location of the food truck. 


Chicken Tikka Masala Rice Bowl

Chicken in a butter-cream tangy mild sauce over basmati rice

 Spicy Chicken Curry Rice Bowl

Chicken in a traditional spicy curry sauce over basmati rice

Chicken Biryani Bowl

Spicy Seasoned Chicken cooked with basmati rice served with raita (yogurt cucumber sauce)

Channa Masala Rice Bowl

Chick-peas in a lentil based sauce over basmati rice

Paneer Butter Masala Rice Bowl

Indian Cheese (Paneer) in a tomato based buttery sauce over basmati rice.

Butter Makhani Burrito Chicken/Paneer

Seasoned Chicken or Paneer wrapped in a flour tortilla with romaine lettuce, basmati rice, pickled onions and creamy butter sauce.

 Falafel Wrap/Salad

Falafels wrapped in a warm pita with romaine lettuce, tzatziki (white garlic sauce) cucumber-tomato salad, pickled turnips. Ask for hot sauce to add a kick!

 Masala Fries

Our take on fries with our blend of spice mix and special curry sauce.

 Samosa Chaat | Aloo Tikki Chaat

Crispy samosas/aloo tikki (potatoes paneer cutlet) with Channa masala (chick-peas curry), pickled onions and chutney’s. All-time favorite Indian street food!

Samosa Plate

Crispy two samosas with chutney


Stone baked Indian flat bread

Mango Lassi

Refreshing Mango yogurt smoothie with cardamom


Ask for choices.